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5 Interesting facts about Conor McGregor


Conor McGregor is amongst the most popular personalities in the world. His undeniable fighting ability, boldness, and personality have all contributed towards the thousands of fans, and followers he has today. This is why the mixed martial artist is one of the world’s biggest global icons. Very few people really know who Conor McGregor is, and although it is difficult for normal people to know who he is beneath all the fighting, we can still educate ourselves on a few fascinating facts about the legend. Here are a few of them listed below.

He was the first Irish athlete to join the UFC

Everyone in Ireland is tremendously proud of Conor’s achievements in the sporting world. McGregor, the first UFC champion from Ireland, has driven the Irish to the spotlight of the MMA world. He has been one of the sport’s greatest personalities since joining the UFC in 2013, with UFC President Dana White even once referred to him as his favourite fighter. Since then, many Irish peoplehave become interested in the sport. However, McGregor has not only attracted the Irish to watch major MMA events by the UFC but has made it more appealing worldwide through the entertainment he brings to the table. Therefore, he has gained the UFC several new watchers.

He once wanted to bet $3 million on himself

It takes immense courage to forecast becoming a world champion. McGregor’s self-belief has been immense. Before his fight for the Interim UFC Featherweight Championship against Chad Mendes, he reportedly intended to place a $3 million bet toknock Mendes out in the second round. Simply crazy right? Funnily enough, this exactly what McGregor did during the big event.

He has one of the fastest knockouts in UFC title fight history

Straight to it – McGregor has one of the fastest knockouts in UFC history. This is also one of his most iconic moments in his career – The 13 second knock out in the 2015 fight against Jose Aldo back in UFC 194. No one ruled out McGregor winning the fight, but no one expected the fight to end in such a quick moment.

He’s a huge watch collector

McGregor has been a well-known watch collector for many years now. He appears to have everything from classic Rolex and Patek Philippe watchesto more flamboyant pieces such as Jacob & Co’s‘Astronomia Tourbillon’ that reflect his huge personality.The Astronimia Tourbillonwhich he was gifted for his 32nd birthday is one of the most expensive watches he owns. This watch has a one-of-a-kind functional roulette wheel, just like the ones you’ll find at a land-based or online casino. This is one of McGregor’s most unique watches, and in fact, is labelled as a limited edition by Jacob and co, rumoured to be worth $620k.

He worked as a plumber in the past

Those who follow him closely deep down know that he is more down-to-earth than he seems to be. This is because of his humble beginnings, and the effort, time, and sacrifice it took him to get where he is today. This is something which he values.

McGregor was once training to be a plumber in Dublin before rising to famein the MMA world. He would mend pipes and toilets for up to 12 hours per day during his training. He later revealed that he had no love for plumbing and realised that his talent for fighting was being wasted. Helater went on to becoming one of the world’s biggest MMA icons in history.