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WWE NXT Heatwave: Axiom and Nathan Frazer vs. Chase U – Match Result

WWE NXT Heatwave: Axiom and Nathan Frazer vs. Chase U – Match Result

Axiom and Nathan Frazer defended the NXT Tag Team Championship against Chase U (Andre Chase and Duke Hudson) at WWE NXT Heatwave.

Plenty of drama surrounded the match before it even started. During the Countdown to NXT Heatwave, it was announced that Frazer had not arrived yet, so Axiom might have to defend the gold by himself. At the end of the pre-show, Frazer showed up, but Axiom was frustrated, and they argued. They ultimately agreed to go prove why they were the best team in the world.

Axiom and Frazer controlled the bout in the early stages. Hudson took control as he tossed Frazer across the ring. Chase U briefly grounded Frazer, but he tagged Axiom, and the champions gained the upper hand. Chase rallied, but Axiom stopped him from tagging out. Hudson eventually tagged in and fired up with a flurry of offense. He floored Frazer with a German suplex.

Frazer tagged Axiom, who sent Hudson to the outside. The champions dove onto Chase U at ringside. Frazer hit a 450 Splash for a two-count. Hudson dumped Frazer with a spinning slam. Axiom and Frazer persevered, and they double-teamed Hudson with a Spanish Fly/Phoenix Splash combination. Chase rallied again and took the fight to Axiom.

Frazer accidentally kicked Axiom, and Chase rolled him up for a two-count. Frazer and Axiom took control with some tandem offense, and Frazer dove onto Chase. Axiom hit the Golden Ratio on Chase for the win.

Here’s how the match broke down, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Chase rolls up Axiom. Axiom kicks out. Chase stomps Axiom. Chase lands a high crossbody. Frazer breaks up the pin. Chase goes up top. Frazer hops up and hits a superplex. Axiom and Frazer hit the Kiss of the Dragon. Frazer dives over the top onto Hudson. Axiom destroys Chase with the Golden Ratio for the win.