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Governor Kemp responds to school shooter hoaxes across Georgia


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Schools across Georgia were on high alert Wednesday due to what Gov. Brian Kemp called a “brutal hoax.”

Gun threats on school campuses have been reported in Baldwin, Burke, Camden, Coffee, Early, Glynn, Muskogee, Richmond, Ware and Wayne counties, as well as Valdosta and Vidalia, after the initial report at Savannah High School.

The high school was evacuated and SWAT teams conducted a full sweep of the campus.

Other schools across Georgia have initiated campus lockdowns and increased law enforcement presence.

Gov. Brian Kemp called the threats “acts of domestic terrorism” and said the FBI is actively investigating.

He thanked the law enforcement officers for their quick response.

“Law enforcement agencies at all levels sprung into action immediately,” Kemp said. “They jumped into potential danger without hesitation to protect our children.”

Meanwhile, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) said investigative teams are on standby and ready to assist. The Georgia Intelligence Clearinghouse is working closely with federal agencies to monitor the activity, a GBI spokesman confirmed.

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