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Ideas to Help Your Small Business in Georgia


Augusta is one of the oldest and largest cities in Georgia. Although it’s best known for hosting the Masters Golf tournament, Augusta has yet to lose its quintessential southern flair. It is a city rich with culture, history and good food, making it a charming addition to the itinerary for anyone planning on travelling through Georgia.

However, travel might be the last thing on some of our minds. The past two years have been tumultuous to say the least and many families and businesses have taken some heavy hits. Whether Covid-19 has put a strain on your finances or is affecting your business, the fact of the matter is that startups in Augusta and across the U.S. aren’t having the easiest time right now.

That being said, the world is slowly coming out of its standstill. As more of us get vaccinated and counties are slowly lifting restrictions on services, we are slowly beginning to regain a cautious sense of normalcy. This is good for everyone, but especially for small businesses which often rely on a local and loyal clientele. So whether you’re thinking of starting fresh with a startup of your own or are currently the proud owner of one, here’s some ideas which might help to get your business on the map for locals and tourists alike.

Get Your Story Out There

Augusta is a city with a rich history. With museums showcasing everything from thousands of artworks to the story of the city’s early days, there’s something for everyone. Augusta recognizes that the city’s fabric is weaved from the many interconnected and deep personal histories of its residents, so if anyone can appreciate a good story, it’d probably be a resident of Augusta.

More and more brands are opting for a more personal touch especially in their marketing. From trying to incorporate more diverse models, to becoming size-inclusive to churning out quips on social media, companies are quickly realising that the way forward is in taking a more human-like and genuine approach to their branding. Similarly, many smaller brands are trying to be more transparent and to create a more personal connection with their customer base.

This is usually achieved by sharing their personal stories behind their choice of service and their products. Maybe you want to start up a business selling cookies that your grandmother used to bake? Maybe you want to stock clothes that are size inclusive because you know the struggle of clothes shopping as a bigger person? Maybe your business practices try to be as eco-friendly as possible because you’re concerned about the climate crisis?

Whatever the reason or the story behind the service you’re offering, you should share it since it will help more customers to connect with you on a deeply personal level. Furthermore, since social media lends a particularly affordable and personal touch to one’s marketing strategies, it’s possible to craft a unique identity for yourself to make yourself stand out. Furthermore, social media makes it possible for your business to go viral very quickly if you do your marketing right.

Homemade Is Best

While starting a business out of your own home may not sound like the most appealing option, it is in fact not only one of the most affordable options but also may be more of a boon especially in Augusta. Augusta has a bustling arts and food scene, and the residents seem to appreciate artisanal products quite a bit.

Since people have been stuck at home, more and more of us have been discovering (or re-discovering) our passions and improving upon our skills. Many of us have been drawn back to the arts or to hands-on skills like woodworking, cooking and baking. Now, some of us may actually see our skills as a viable source of secondary (or even primary) income. After all, if you can do it well, why not get paid to do it?

As more and more people have been getting increasingly health and environment conscious, it makes sense that there’s been a shift in consumer’s spending preferences. Now there’s a preference for goods that are local and fresh. In addition to this, brands that focus on trying to lessen their carbon footprint or actively try to be as environmentally friendly as possible are also able to garner quite a bit of attention on that basis alone.

Homemade goods have a certain charm about them and furthermore those in the community that you’re close to will be able to vouch for your good business practices. Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool and if you’re a local it’ll be one way to quickly gain a loyal customer base.

Startups can be a valuable addition to the community. Not only are they able to more directly address a community’s needs but they also also provide locals with more options in goods and services. Building a startup isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but with enough support from a loving, warm community like the one in Augusta, you may find that it’s less terrifying than you may have originally thought.