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Why 50 Cent believes black men are identifying with Trump


Rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent recently shared his observation that black men are finding common ground with President Trump in the lead-up to the November election.

During his visit to Capitol Hill alongside civil rights attorney Ben Crump, the musician, also known as Curtis Jackson III, spoke to a reporter about his perception of increasing support for former US President Donald Trump among black men. He suggested that some black men may relate to Trump due to facing similar legal challenges, quipping, “they’ve got RICO charges [too].”

Trump, a Republican presidential contender, is currently facing a RICO violation charge in a case unfolding in the Georgia courts. This charge, along with several others facing alleged co-conspirators, stems from allegations of interference in the 2020 election.

RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) charges are commonly associated with large groups accused of organized crime activities. Initially applied to Mafia families in New York City following its enactment in 1970, RICO charges have since been used in various high-profile cases, including gang-related indictments, such as the recent case in Minnesota involving 45 gang members in the Twin Cities.

In addition to the pending Georgia case, Trump was recently convicted on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records by a Manhattan jury. Supporters of Trump and the MAGA movement have criticized the conviction as a politically motivated outcome of a rigged trial.

During his visit to Washington, DC, 50 Cent engaged with lawmakers from both Republican and Democratic parties, including Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and controversial Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

Reflecting on his meetings, 50 Cent expressed excitement and satisfaction, particularly regarding discussions about representation for black entrepreneurs in the liquor industry, where his company Sire Spirits is actively involved. He remarked that despite political differences, the positive reception from lawmakers left him feeling optimistic about economic opportunities for all.