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Screen Gutter Guards Going Out of Trend Among Georgia Residents


Leaves, dirt, sticks, acorns and more invade and clog gutters every year. If left unchecked, these clogs can cause mold, mildew, flooding, and even foundation issues, adding up to thousands of dollars in damage. To combat this clogging, gutter guards were created as an attempt to block unwanted debris.

Unfortunately, these gutter guards don’t deliver what they promise, and sometimes create extra damage that could have been avoided. Of all the gutter guard styles, screen gutter guards are especially ineffective and going out of style among Georgia residents, who are opting for a simpler solution: regular gutter cleaning services.

What are Screen Gutter Guards?

Screen gutter guards are what they sound like: a screen installed on top of your gutter to “block” any debris from entering. They attempt to act as a strainer, allowing rainwater to fall through the screen while larger debris, supposedly, cannot enter through the small holes. At first, this sounds like a great solution.

People get screen gutter guards because they are cheap, but they do not protect like they are supposed to. In fact, of all the solutions to keep your gutters clear, screen gutter guards are the least effective.

Screen Gutter Guards are the Worst Solution

Here are a few problems with screen gutter guards that are influencing Georgia residents and all homeowners to seek a better solution.

Small and Large Debris Can Still Cause Problems

Most importantly: screen gutter guards do not accomplish what they promise. There is no completely maintenance-free solution for gutter blockage. Small debris can easily fit through the screen guards, forming clogs later on. Some of this debris may include seeds, causing plants to grow inside of your gutter and form even greater blockage.

Although leaves and branches can’t get into the gutter as easily, they often accumulate on top, causing the same blockage issues. This accumulation can also lead to unnecessary weight on the roof, leading to foundation or roof problems down the road. Unfortunately, screen gutter guards aren’t a functional solution.

The Perfect Environment for Moss and Algae Growth

It only takes a little bit of wet debris for moss and algae to grow. Even if larger pieces like branches and leaves don’t land in your gutters, any small pieces of organic materials that do get through the screen create the perfect environment for moss and algae to thrive. Moss and algae contribute to larger building issues including deteriorating shingles, roof leaking, and decreased home value.

Expensive Upkeep and Maintenance

At the end of the day, having gutter guards is more expensive than not having gutter guards. Because they don’t keep your gutters 100% clear of debris, you still need to schedule gutter cleaning. Cleaning gutters with gutter guards is more expensive than cleaning gutters without gutter guards. Removing the screens to clean takes time and you may even need to pay to replace damaged pieces in the process.

Overall, gutter guards don’t save you the time and hassle they claim to. They may seem inexpensive to install, but because they don’t really keep out debris, the cost of upkeep and regular cleaning make this solution more costly than caring for a gutter without guards.

Gutters are Important

Gutters are important. They collect rainwater and distribute it properly. Gutters redirect water away from your house’s foundation, preventing water damage down the road. If your home is currently without gutters, consider a custom gutter installation. They are an important piece to protect your home.

However, when inevitable blockages build up, your gutters can’t do their job properly. Like congestion in your piping system, problems will grow and cause bigger damage if left unattended. If gutter guards can’t protect from unwanted debris and accumulated blockage, what is the best solution to keep your gutters running properly?

The Solution

The only way to truly keep your gutters clear of debris is to schedule a regular gutter cleaning. Gutter guards may sound like a maintenance-free solution, but there is no quick fix that allows you to forever avoid a gutter cleaning. There are only solutions that claim to but can’t keep their promises.

Luckily, a regular gutter cleaning will keep your gutters working as they should. We recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice a year to ensure they can function properly and keep your home protected.

Return to Gutter Cleaning

Just like many things we own, gutters require regular maintenance to provide the benefits they were designed to. Opt for a gutter cleaning service instead of gutter guards, as there is no such thing as a maintenance-free solution to keep your gutters clear of debris. Schedule your gutter cleaning today to keep your gutters clear of debris and flowing like they should!