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The Economic Impact of the Atlanta Water Crisis on Local Businesses


Recovery efforts are underway in Atlanta following the recent water main breaks, but the financial repercussions linger for many local businesses. The disruptions caused by the outages forced some small businesses to halt operations temporarily, resulting in significant financial losses.

Lance Robertson, co-owner of SBD+, estimated his losses at around $3,000, emphasizing the strain on small businesses already facing challenges. Trinket Lewis, owner of MoreLyfe Juice Co., echoed this sentiment, noting daily losses of $4,000 to $5,000, which pose significant challenges for smaller enterprises.

Meanwhile, establishments like Eleventh Street Pub remain closed as they assess damage and plan for mold remediation. Michael Taylor, the pub’s owner, emphasized uncertainty about the reopening timeline amid the need for extensive repairs.

Financial experts, like Tom Smith from Emory University, speculate that the total economic impact could reach tens of millions of dollars. While Mayor Andre Dickens announced a $5 million relief fund for affected businesses, experts caution that it may not fully cover their losses, leaving many to bear a substantial financial burden.

Looking ahead, there are concerns about the long-term economic implications of Atlanta’s aging water infrastructure. As the city grapples with the costly task of repairing and replacing outdated systems, experts warn of potential consequences for its business-friendly reputation. Smith highlights the need for careful evaluation of how infrastructure challenges may affect Atlanta’s appeal to potential businesses, noting the importance of addressing these issues to safeguard the city’s economy.